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ok you dont have to shoot someone 4 times with a rocket either. a binary weapon is a starting weapon. use your brain. all starting precision weapons are balanced. all automatics are balanced. the balance is still there. so stop saying it isnt.

Im saying its nothing like the previous Halos. It doesnt feel like halo. Why can you not understand that the multiplayer is more cod-like than ever?! are you really missing several chromosomes?! 

Anonymous said: fuck thanks i just spit soda on my laptop. :)

glad to entertain you!

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missed the entire point of my postpoint out at its core the game is a halo game and it plays like every previous halo before it.and if halo was like every other shooter because u had to shoot someone 4 times then why complain now.

Im complaining about the mass change of the multiplayer. The introduction of custom classes. Originally halo was 100% fair as everybody started with an assault rifle and pistol. The minute custom classes are introduced, the game is brought out of balance. Therefore the multiplayer is nothing like previous halos. O and you dont even have to shoot someone in the head with a binary rifle to get a one shot kill, just incase you wanted to aim at the head 4 times with that, because you seem like the sort of person that would.

Anonymous said: apparently so. who knew? i mean, not like the brain really does anything ya know. :)

I guess i’ve been going wrong by aiming at the crotch /;

Anonymous said: i swear this guy is making me want to shoot myself.

its okay, he’s probably playing on black ops thinking its halo cause obviously head shots kill! discovery of the century right here!

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too much of an idiotsays halo reach didnt have loadoutssays ranking system is differentderp derp derp ignorancethe gameplay is the same. shoot the people 4 times in the head and kill them. its halo. deal with it.

I said custom load outs. Obviously you missed the entire point of my post. By your logic there is nothing that separates Halo to any other shooter. 

Anonymous said: is that person truly that stupid or have i missed something?

Something tells me he hasn’t played halo much

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its the same thing as halo reach. except kills arent worth 1 point anymore. lol get over it.

Its the same as Halo Reach?! Oh sorry I must not have noticed Halo reach having custom classes, an entire new weapon set, a completely different ranking system, spartan specialisations,  weapon drops, ordnance meters, a multiplayer ‘storyline’, a different scoring system, kill cams, i can carry on, but youre too much of an idiot.


wow I miss this tumblr, but having thoroughly played halo 4, it just isnt the same anymore 

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